10 March 2020

Reduce Every-Day Toxins with Miracle Antimicrobial Herb Found in King Tut’s Tomb!

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Did you know that since ancient times, there has been a miracle seed? This wonder ingredient has been utilized in a myriad of ways, from seasoning naan to treating arthritis. So what is it called? Nigella Sativa, or also known as Black Cumin. 

Black Cumin has been around as long as we have, and people from long forgotten empires have taken advantage of it for numerous reasons. In fact, this special seed was even found to have been buried within King Tutankhamun’s tomb! 

But is it really that effective? Well, with today’s technology and extensive research efforts, we have finally found the reason for its popularity with the ancients. Believe it or not, it treated nearly everything; from toothaches to pink eye, and even saved your tongue from bland food!

Without further ado, here are 5 ways how Black Cumin can work for you:

Who doesn’t like a plate of steaming hot chicken wings straight from the fryer? But what you don’t know is, that plate of delicious wings are loaded with free radicals, which we are constantly consuming more of in daily life. Free radicals speed up the oxidation process within our bodies, which leads to chronic illnesses such as cancer and accelerated ageing.

So, how does black cumin help? Black Cumin is loaded with antioxidants and in addition, has a secret weapon called TQ (Thymoquinone). It prevents oxidising agents from being formed within your body so that you can enjoy that plate of wings guilt free.

Are your knees aching a little more these days? Maybe your joints are cracking when you stand up? This could mean you have excessive inflammation. 

TQ also has anti-inflammation properties. Moreover, it doesn’t come with the long term adverse effects that usually comes with prescribed medication. Isn’t that a plus?

Did you know allergies and asthma are just other forms of inflammation? Black Cumin has been compared to conventional medicines for treating these ailments, and in some cases it has even proved to be superior!

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and TQ, Black Cumin nourishes your body while increasing immunity against pathogens.

Black Cumin increases the number and function of our T and B white cells while weakening the cell structure of many pathogens, including: Salmonella, MRSA, Bacillus, Yeast and Staph. What this simply means is that, although pathogens are getting harder and harder to treat with modern medication due to increased drug resistance, Black Cumin could very well be the next best alternative in combating everyday germs.

So now for the burning million-dollar question. Where can you get ahold of this miracle seed? The answer is simple and easy. Just CLICK HERE for a taste of SO Plus!

SO Plus contains a patented unique and concentrated blend of seed oils that contains N. Sativa seed and flour incorporated via our NatureFRESH Cold PressTM process to ensure we extract the most nutrition possible from our ingredients. This means, it is MORE potent, MORE pure, and MORE natural than anything else you’ve seen before, which may help you not only REDUCE the harmful effects of free radicals, lower inflammation and boost your immune system.


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