1. Why Seeds? (Choosing our ingredients)

Seeds contain all the starting materials needed to develop into a complex plant therefore they are very nutrient dense. Containing antioxidants, EFAs, vitamins and minerals.

1. Why Seeds? (Choosing our ingredients)
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2. Extraction method

Using the Patented NatureFRESHTM Cold Press Technology

  1. Oil is extracted at temps below 100oF and in an oxygen deparived environment which yields excellent quality oils compared to traditional methods that uses heat and chemicals.
  2. Nothing is added to the process and what you get is potent, pure seed oil with an estimate 7kg of berries only producing 1teaspoon worth of seed oil.
2. Extraction method
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3. Creating the perfect blend

Patented Synergistic Super Potent Cold Pressed Oil Blend (no.7897194)

  1. Combination of 2 oils, black cumin seed oil and black raspberry seed oil has higher antioxidant activity greater than the sum of the weighted average of individual oils.
  2. Why? Our research suggests that black cumin seed oil chelates other botanic oils to release antioxidant bonds to transition metals and release more antioxidants.
  3. Hence, we have an amplified antioxidant effect for our synergistic blend
3. Creating the perfect blend
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4. How do we know?

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) 6.0 Test. Conducted by an Independent Third Party Laboratory, Brunswick Laboratories, estimates the effectiveness of the antioxidant against free radicals. Our blend proves to have one of the highest ORAC Value which is incorporated into our products.

4. How do we know?
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We combine delicately selected seeds and deliver them to our consumers worldwide in their most condense, potent and pure form without cutting any corners. No need for you to go back to the source because we are bringing the source to you.

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